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Experts in Lifting and Haulage


We have a range of vehicles and operators available for hire. No job is too big, small, or complicated.

Our Hiabs work to your requirements, whether collecting and delivering or working on site.

All of our operators and Slingers are ALMI certified.
We have extensive experience in moving, lifting, hauling, and installing fragile machinery, glass, steel, statuary, trees, and even hot tubs! 

Our long reach Hiab cranes are perfect for lifting over houses and
across construction sites, while maintaining the ability to deliver/collect from site — no need for other vehicles.

Hiab Hire

contract lifting

The safest, easiest solution​ When you don't know what is needed, or don’t want the responsibility for the lift, our Appointed Person will plan and carry out the operation to perfection.

Our Appointed Person will produce a thorough plan of action, tailored to your specific job, including risk assessments and method statements.

All contract lifts comply with

British standard 7121 Safe Use of Cranes and LOLER (Lifting and Operating Equipment Regulations).

Health and safety work act 1994.

 Provision and use of work equipment regulations 1998.


Contract lifts are also fully insured.

Do you know if you need a contract lift or a hire?

Contract Lifting

Site surveying
world war 2 gun hauling.jpg
world war 2 gun hauling.jpg

Lifting delicate equipment, art, or even hot tubs can be a daunting prospect. We offer free site surveys if a lift is complicated, or if you are unsure about what is required. 

Our ALMI certified Appointed Person will meet you on-site to carry out the survey. A detailed plan of action will be discussed, or if you chose a contract lift, we will take care of all the planning, taking the weight out of your lift.

This service is available for both commercial and private customers.

Site Surveying

unconventional lifting
Fly jib Extension.JPG
Fly jib Extension.JPG
hot tub move.jpg

Sometimes more than a simple crane or Hiab is required, this is where our range of unconventional lifting equipment and experienced team can provide the solution to your problem.

Gantry crane-

Allows the lifting of equipment, materials, and stonework into places inaccessible to normal cranes. We have lifted many hot tubs, and even 20ft swim spas with the gantry. it takes less than twenty minutes to set up on site.

Tracked carrier-

The newest weapon in the SFL arsenal, a small portable unit capable of carrying items across uneven ground and inclines up to 45% including steps.

Other moving equipment- 


We have a multitude of other tools that allow the lifting of abnormal items in challenging conditions.


Do not hesitate to call or email us to provide solutions to all your lifting needs.


Unconventional Lifting and Moving


Our SAGE trained roof top access and harness team, Bryn and Reece, safely allow lifting onto roofs or high-level access doors.

Roof Top Access

world war 2 gun hauling.jpg
world war 2 gun hauling.jpg

Sometimes the most important aspect of a Hiab is the ability to collect and deliver without using forklifts or hiring a separate crane. We are also able to arrange escorts for abnormal loads.


Vehicle image.jpg
Vehicle image.jpg

We have a variety of fully insured storage available to our customers, from outdoor gated areas to indoor warehouse spaces.

All our storage is monitored 24/7 so you can have peace of mind and the knowledge that it is being well cared for. give us a call to find out more.

Tel :01342 714514


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