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Meet the SFL Fleet

We have a large fleet of Hiabs and equipment to make any job a breeze. Take a look!

 Large Hiabs

32 Metre Hiab


Our largest member of the fleet, lifting a staggering 900kg at 32 metres, also with a full-reach, 32 metre hoist. Taking the weight out of any lift.

30 Metre Hiab


A Hiab lorry loader perfect for any job, delivering materials to site and lifting them into place. Also has a full-reach hoist.

Medium Hiabs

We have multiple medium to large sized lorry loaders to carry and lift as you require.

24 Metre Hiab


Can carry large amounts of material, also has a full reach hoist.

15 Metre Hiab


Our smallest front mounted Hiab with a tail ramp loader and a winch. Perfect for any machine hauling.

Non lorry loader equipment

Tracked Carrier


This small and versatile tracked carrying unit has the ability to carry equipment and materials  across fields, and up and down inclines of up to 45%, including stairs.

Portable gantry


The portal gantry provides lifting capabilities that no crane or Hiab can reach, able to be moved into position by ands and then built to your needs. 

check out all our specialist equipment here

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