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April 2024


Collecting and delivering a large vessel for a company changing its operating location.

March 2024


Lifting 500kg fan units for a substation at the Tate Modern in London, lifting at over 20m high and 10m into the building.

with only 1m of leg on the lifting side, it was quite challenging conditions for the team, but with perfect planning with out RaM's package, it was a breeze. 

Febuary 2024

Continuation of a large 3 story building with a 3-level basement.


January 2024


Delivery and working in coordination with a cherry picker in tight conditions, only our 2 axle rear mounted Hiab could do!


December 2023


Lifting a 14ft SwimSpa into a room through a wall with specialist lifting equipment.


November 2023


Lifting steelwork up 30m vertical in very tight conditions.

Give us a call to discuss your lifting solution.

October 2023


Lifting an enormous structural steel beam into position after a lorry strike, lifting the beam under the structure then positioning the crane through the lattice in order to life the beam into the final position. After raising the structure and landing it back down onto the beam. Take a look at our website for more information.

18m structural steel
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